Levante Düsseldorf
Our menu


Lentil cream soup € 5,50
Chicken soup € 6,50
Vegetable soup (Minestrone) € 6,90


Cacik dish (Tzatziki)
Yogurt with cucumber, mint and garlic
€ 3,90
Grilled Zucchini
with garlic - yogurt sauce
€ 4,50
Chickpea puree with pickled cucumbers, tomatoes and olives
€ 5,00
Daphne Plate
Paprika mousse with walnuts, olive oil and Pomegranate balasamico
€ 5,00
with Tomato chunks, onions and Parmesan topping
€ 5,50
Aubergine Tarator
Grilled Eggplant, grilled peppers and tomato with Olive oil and Pomegranate balsamico
€ 6,00
Spinach Tarator
Fresh Spinach in yoghurt cream with garlic
€ 5,50
Bio Red Beetroot Tarator
Beetroot in yoghurt cream with toasted almonds
€ 5,50
Rote Bete-Tarator
Beetroot in yoghurt cream with toasted almonds
€ 5,50

Levante starter plate for 1 person
€ 8,90
Levante starter plate for 2 people
Antipasti plate for 1 person € 8,90
Antipasti plate for 2 people €16,80


Small side dish Salad € 3,90
Peasant Salad
with tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, peppers, feta cheese and olives
€ 7,50
Colourful Salad
Mixed salad with baked goat cheese
€ 9,90
Rocket Salad
with Prawns and warm lobster sauce
Mixed salad
with strips of Chicken breast fillet and Sumak

Main dishes

Fresh Tagliatelle
with Prawns in olive oil, garlic and herbs
Tepsi meat
Minced Beef Pasties with potatoes and herbs
Chicken Breast Fillet
with seasonal vegetables, rice and coconut-curry sauce
Pike-Perch fillet
with white wine sauce, saffron rice and seasonal vegetables
Whole Gilthead Seabream, grilled
with marinated spinach and boiled potatoes
Argentine rib eye Steak (250 g)
with potatoes roasted Mediterranean style
Fillet of Beef (200 g)
Jacket potatoes with balsamic cherry sauce
Pan Fried Lamb
with rice and seasonal vegetables
Pork medallions
Medallions of tender pork with pepper cream sauce
and mashed potatoes
Levante Mixed Grill Platter
Assortment of meats served with rice
Levante Fish Platter
Assorted types of fish with saffron rice and seasonal vegetables


with Gorgonzola sauce, caramelized radicchio and pistachios
Fresh Tagliatelle
with sun-dried tomatoes, pine nuts, spring onions and cream cheese
Stuffed Eggplant
with fresh vegetables and bulgur
Orange Risotto
Orange risotto with mozzarella

Children's menus

Spaghetti Bolognese / ice cream, childs portion
€ 7,50
Turkey Steak with French fries / ice cream, childs portion
€ 8,90


Orange Mousse € 6,90
Mousse au Chocolat € 7,50
Creme Catalana € 6,90


Levante mediterranes Restaurant Düsseldorf